The man called Ursian appeared to be an elderly, blind Native-American man.

While travelling the Badlands on his own, stripped of his Spirit Animal powers and his weapons, BraveStarr stumbled upon a cave where Ursian made his home. Ursian gave BraveStarr a pitcher of water to drink and offered him a place to rest.

When BraveStarr asked Ursian why he made his home in such a foreboding place, Ursian explained that he would have liked to leave, but felt trapped because he knew every inch of the territory close to his cave, but not beyond.

Ursian showed BraveStarr how he found food in the barren desert: by listening to the life-force in the plants and let his own life-force be drawn to it. These words reminded BraveStarr of his own teacher, Shaman.

Soon BraveStarr and Ursian were attacked by Sand Storm and other outlaws riding Turbo-Mule's. BraveStarr stole Thunder Stick's Mule and together with Ursian made a run for it. But the vehicle had been damaged by scraping against a rock and did not get very far.

Sand Storm captures BraveStarr using an automatic rope from his Turbo-Mule and threatenes to grab Ursian. But Thirty/Thirty arrives to help, followed closely by Judge J.B. McBride, Deputy Fuzz and Handlebar. BraveStarr tells them to leave and is unable to break free when Ursian stumples and trips. At that moment, BraveStarr's strength returned and he was able to save Ursian from a falling rock at the last moment.

With BraveStarr having completed his trial and regained his powers, Ursian revealed himself to be the Spirit of the Animal Powers, saying that Shaman had chosen BraveStarr well as champion of the forces of goodness. With his eyes glowing, Ursian transformed into a a spirit of light and flew off.

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  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - A mysterious blind man whom BraveStarr met in the Badlands and tried to protect despite the marshal's lack of powers and weapons.