A serpentine female villain who had the power to hypnotize people, such as the assayer Klem in Fort Kerium making it seem as if a Kerium deposit below Starr Peak actually belonged to Tex Hex. Her weapon of choice was a snake-shaped "gun" that shot a paralyzing ray. Its also had a scanning ability but Lost Mountain did keep it from scanning right.

And she is also known as violent, impolite, prideful, roguish, abrasive, vicious, independent, prissy, responsible, accountable, smug, negative, athletic, kooky, erudite, wicked, obstinate, mischievous, ambitious and nasty.

As typical with many snake-based villains, Vipra spoke with a faint lingering hissing sound whenever a word with an "S" was used.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Played by:

Susan Blu


  • Episode 07: No Drums, No Trumpets (none speaking role) - Vipra tried to use her Venomizer to stop Paco from freeing his daughter, but Thirty/Thirty blew a hole in some drainpipes with Sara Jane, dousing Vipra with water.
  • Episode 55: New Texas Blues -
  • Episode 65: Strength of the Bear - On Sand Storms instructions, Vipra set her Venomizer on a lower setting and used it to fogg BraveStarr's brain but not put him to sleep.

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