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Big Thirty and Little Wimble

Wimble was a young Praire Person was was part of the Lost Tribe of Prairie People led by Mayor Gup. Wimble's father had traveled far away, and according to Prairie People Law, Wimble was allowed to chose a new, temporary parent until his real parents returned.

Having witnessed how Marshal BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty fought against Howler and his Leaper Riders, Wimble chose Thirty/Thirty to be his new parent.

Although Thirty/Thirty was hesitant at first, he soon agreed to look after Wimble and began showing him how to use his lever action freeze cannon, Sara Jane. BraveStarr scolded his partner for teaching about firearms. This made Thirty/Thirty decide to enroll Wimble in Miss Jenny's school at Fort Kerium.

Miss Jenny decided to take Wimble and several of his new classmates on a field trip. But two Dingoes, Barker and Goldtooth, sabotaged the school But-Jet, causing it to crash land in the Far Desert, near Howler's territory.

Having crossed the desert several times before, Wimble was best qualified to take the lead and show his teacher and classmates the shortest way to the Prairie People village, which he knew to be 30 Echo-Miles. Along the way, Wimble began to gain his classmates' respect as he showed them how to find water in water cactus pods and which berries were poisonous.

When the Leaper Riders attacked, Wimple used his flying bolos to bring down one of the Leapers. Soon Thirty/Thirty arrived to defend the school party, followed by BraveStarr and Deputy Fuzz. After the Dingoes were defeated, even the class two most judgemental children, Brian and Judy agreed that they shouldn't have looked down upon Wimble just because he was different. And Marshal BraveStarr agreed that Thirty/Thirty did a pretty good job of being a parent.

Behind the Scenes[]

Wimble was voiced by Susan Blu.


  • Episode 12: Big Thirty and Little Wimble - Wimble was a young Prairie Person who's parents were far away. Prairie People Law allowed him to choose a new parent until the real ones returned. Wimble chose Thirty/Thirty.